Good Evening, Sunday February 1, 2015 7:11 pm

Meat Market - PRE COOKED

   Check your favorite HOM location for item availabilty  

   Hot Landjager
   Mild Landjager
   Original Brats
   Italian Brats
   Beer Brats
   Coney Island Hot Dogs
   Natural Casing Hot Dogs
   All Stadium Beef Dogs
   Smoked Polish Sausage
   Smoked Country Sausage
   Cajun Sausage
   Hungarian Hot Dogs
   Garlic Knockers
   Smoked Polish Kielbasa
   3# Casing Dogs
   Broccoli Cheese Casserole
   Bread Dressing
   Andouille Sausage
   Chezzy potatoe casserole
   Egg roll
   Stuffed Shells
   Mac and Cheese
   Escalloped Apples
   Shredded Bbq Pork

   Thin Sliced
   Thick Sliced
   Jowl Bacon
   Canadian Bacon
   Bacon end and pieces
   Cajun Bacon
   Beef Bacon
   Salt Pork
   Pepper Bacon
   Turkey bacon

   Whole Semi Boneless
   1/2 Semi
   Whole D
   1/2 D
   1/4 D
   Whole Glazed
   1/2 Glazed
   1/4 Glazed
   Whole Classic
   1/2 Classic
   1/4 Classic
   1/2 Spirals
   Whole Picnic
   1/2 Picnic
   Boneless Ham Steaks
   Bone-In Ham Steaks
   Ham Hocks
   Ham Shanks
   Fresh Ham
   Diced Ham

   Turkey Gravy
   Coney Island
   Sweet and Sour
   Beef Gravy
   Bbq Sauce
   Swedish Meatball
   Au Jus
   Wingers Hot Sauce
   Turkey Gravy

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