Good Morning, Friday January 30, 2015 1:19 am

Meat Market - CHICKEN

   Check your favorite HOM location for item availabilty  

Marinated Breasts
   Butter Garlic
   Caesar Parmesan
   Carribean Jerk
   Herb Lemon & Garlic
   Honey BBQ
   Italian Gusto
   Lemon Pepper
   Mexican Fiesta
   Pepper Garlic
   Pesto Garlic
   Plain marinated
   Southwest Chili Lime
   Teriyaki ginger
   Tomato Basil

   Half Breasts
   Leg Quarters
   Wing Dings
   Boneless skinless thighs
   Whole fryers
   Baby drumettes

   BBQ wings
   Hot & Spicy wings

   House of Meats Fireballs
   Chicken Livers
   Chicken Gizzards
   7x7 (7 drums, 7 breasts, 7 drums)
   Honey BBQ fireballs
   Chicken backs
   Marinated whole fryers
   Ground chicken
   Chicken nuggets
   Chicken cube steak
   Chicken patties

   40# Leg Quarters
   40# Wings
   40# Wing Dings
   40# Drumsticks
   40# Thighs
   40# Half Breasts
   40# Boneless Skinless Breasts
   40# Whole Fryers
   70# Whole Fryers

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